After ten years of blogging, this is what I know for sure: Blogs aren't dead and fancy sweets are always a good idea.
A country music artist is making a darn good point about social media - and I'm wrapping up a delicious blog challenge.
Thoughts on flying with Santa and having a fun job - plus puppy pic!
Working-class families, working-class towns, vacations, and vocations are all weighing on my mind this summer.
Why do some bloggers buck against deadlines and other thoughts about writing, travel, and life.
This month, I'm showcasing an Iranian-Canadian businesswoman with a passion for cycling, a murder-mystery series that I can't get enough of, and…
This month, I'm blogging about the most delicious Black Forest cookies and cleaning my kitchen, musing about a woman thrust into the spotlight, and…
What will 2021 bring? For starters, it's filled with amazing photos, cool articles, and - as always - awesome animals.
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